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Issue 76

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I mush your newspaper in my driveway

I mush your newspaper in my driveway Punch Magazine Issue 76

Fake News ( Hacks) International Part II
Looking back on all the articles during the recent elections Despite running as an independent These guys have just helped to reelect the most corrupt and incompetent local councillors using the same smokescreen to distract from the actual issues we are addressing

Rupert Murdoch then as now has taken over the media by pandering to anyone willing to take out advertising - the reverse of election donations - to achieve the same result

Foreign interference by a newspaper as innocuous as the freebie the 'local rag' Caloundra Weekly and or Sunshine Coast Daily may seem improbable however

In contrast to the US magazine you can view all National Geographic magazines faithfully reproduced all the way back to 1888

Fake News International have even amended their articles in retrospect of newspaper 'archives' which are not a true and fair record of what was actually published but rather subsequently modified version to maintain this interference in local state and federal elections - sharing info all the way back to the 'sister' publication the New York Times and - you"ve guessed it - the Times and the Sunday Times and even the phone hacking News of the World such is the pedigree of the fake newspaper you now see before you in the form of the Sunshine Coast Daily AND even the Caloundra Weekly

Yes the sleazy news of the world with its phone hacking and hounding to death of Lady Di even falsely accusing our Monarch of what they were responsible for

Yes my friends Rupert Murdoch the father of all lies is in our midst right here on the sunshine coast!!

I received alot of support during these elections and knew that most people agreed with all my policies even the editor Nadja ( pronounced Nadia) Fleet sympathised and seemed reluctant to pursue a line of questioning purportedly via facebook but in fact from her puppet masters in New York to wit Rupert Murdoch

Consistent with all hack journalism with regard to the recent elections the Sunshine Coast Daily hacks and Rupert Murdoch had gone behind my back!?

I knew I'd 'sold the boat with no deposit' but such is the level of foreign interference by Fake News International no wonder Donald Trump makes the same allegations

But this is interference at Local Government elections what chance does a less determined and hard working candidate have in taking part in the democratic process ask yourself unless you are a professional politician

Like the rest I had given freely of my time at considerable cost at all the previous elections during my spare time and I can assure you that the single most significant factor in continuing as a candidate is the recognition of the extent of influence of false reporting aka fake news - jump on Punch Magazine Weekly ( google search Mike Jessop Division 3) to see what I actually stand for - nothing has changed

I wish to reduce the bureaucracy and taxation in ( Western) economies and eliminate the corruption and incompetence at every level of government here in Australia - Starting with Fake News International aka Rupert Murdoch

Abraham Lincoln made 8 attempts before being elected for the first time

I am looking forward to exposing our newly re-elected corrupt and incompetent mayor and councillors on our lovely Sunshine Coast especially in regard to the new Casino they've been pushing for, for the last eight years

I took out a $1 subscription of Fake News International Sunshine Coast Daily which I'm about to cancel to see what they were up to

The best inaction you can take against Fake News ( hacks) International is to NOT buy, subscribe to or advertise in any newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch - which is practically all of them!?

I mush your newspaper in my driveway

Together we will change the course of history

May God bless you

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