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Issue 73

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Punch Magazine Issue 73 Come July the debt will be $8,000 ( not $4,000) per constituent on the Sunshine Coast incurred by the existing incumbents to be paid back - unless you vote for Mike Jessop

I have been suggesting electronic voting via Mygov and or Qgov ID for some time now

The current voting system is based entirely on paper like the old system of clearing cheques!?

If you can bank online you can vote online maybe having it linked to this as well

Then you can have a more corona antivirus environment, less time consuming and labour intensive and you'll be able to vote more regularly on more issues more often and have a more democratic system into the bargain and scrutineering would become a thing of the past !?


There are 5 Candidates in Division 3 SCRC QLD please distribute your voting preferences on or before March 28th 2020 as follows

HOW TO VOTE Card for COUNCILLOR Division 3 preferences:-

For the Election of COUNCILLOR for DIVISION 3, 28 March 2020
  • 5 COX, Peter
  • 1 JESSOP, Mike
  • 2 MCDONALD, Michael Ronald
  • 3 MARIKO, Pamela J
  • 4 NAWROCKI, Stan

    Congratulations and thank you for Voting 1 Mike Jessop you will not be disappointed

  • Division 3 candidate Mike Jessop.

    Mike Jessop V1 C2 D3 line_1579666714844

    Together we will change the course of history

    May God bless you

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