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In order to reduce the cost of government I would like to see the following reforms including the abolition of 10% GST and replaced with 0.5% credit 0.5% debit Gifts Goods and Services Tax GGST or E-Tax of 0.5% on all transactions including gifts and remove the ridiculous notion of user pays as if tax payers aren't already paying whole armies of public servant's wages and salaries in addition to being charged every time you use their service

Mike Jessop is a Boat Builder who has succeeded as a Computer Network Analyst, Landlord, Electronics Manufacturer, and Boat Builder

Political background: party involvement in numerous general elections and formation of the Whig Party

Was treasurer of the student Union at College and on the Cricket and Rugby Club committee of local Parish Council and School Council

Passions include Music Fishing boating Rugby Union Football Yoga Walking Swimming Cricket Cycling and kayaking

My aim is to replace the professional politician in parliament with like minded people such as myself who have a broad understanding of working in macro business that makes up 20% of the economy as well as the problems facing those running micro, small and medium sized businesses that make up 80% of the economy and provide 80% of employment in the economy

I propose that Policy is formed by a distillation of letters written over the years to MPs and Government Departments and invite all prospective members to copy the Party with a summary of similar information to form a Party Manifesto

To formulate WHIG PARTY Policy may I suggest that you please write as though you are about to become an MP

Let us stand by and watch no longer The work of a prospective MP is all about recognising that you have a role to play and knowing how to go about getting actively involved as soon as the opportunity arises

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