There is a serious trend towards so called 'paperless bills' via email from such as TELSTRA ENERGEX etc such companies are threatening to charge to have your Tax Invoice posted to you for as much as $3

For a business receiving 1,000 invoices during a quarter this could come to between $3,000 or $9,000 per annum behind the eight ball The alternative is having to mess around printing editing administering replacing consumables time and attendance for every invoice we have to print off like this multiply this across every individual business and Local State and Commonwealth Government and the cost is staggering

We are required by law to print off every invoice for GST and other tax purposes and archive these for six years pp Johny Howard and the Liberal Party and Labour don't look like understanding or changing this or even learning how to spell!?

In the case of GST and the ATO we are obliged to print off and have audited every single transaction regardless of the amount that is until the Government repeal the ridiculously complicated system of GST and Income Tax Returns

This is but one example of the cost to the nation and the anti competitive time and attendance around 100 hours per year or three business weeks just to report tax returns by all individuals and businesses alike that would simply be replaced by a GGST ( Gifts Goods and Services Tax ) E-Tax of 0.5% Credit and 0.5% Debit on every financial transaction eg EFTPOS Credit Card ie electronic or non electronic along with other Crypto Currencies Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Zcash Monero Ripple Litecoin and of course bartering

Mike Jessop
The Whig Party
Thursday November 9 2017, 1:21 AM

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