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MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT WHIG PARTY... Saturday November 11 2017, 9:45 AM

An election! I know, it hardly seems possible, but your eyes do not deceive you and this really is a State election in QUEENSLAND - and what an election in KAWANA! So here it is The MIKE JESSOP INDEPENDENT WHIG PARTY election manifesto and what your candidate Mike Jessop is really going to do when elected

  1. Bad Penny Wong shouldn't even be in the Senate Are our Federal politicians ever going to get on with any work!?
  2. This sick feeling I had in my stomach on the morning of the announcement of the poll - well I've still got it!?
  3. Did you know that soon in QLD Polythene bags will soon be illegal to sell in supermarkets and that Cans and bottles will also be the subject of a ridiculously inefficient recycling programme and is really the only Idea of job creation of the present incumbents. Their sole achievement in office will be to ban polythene bags and add 10% to the cost of packaged drinks including water This will add greatly to the carbon footprint obligation to recycle the cost of plastic and aluminium which is completely uneconomic
  4. Automatically time and improve all traffic lights with sensors to improve productivity instead of lifetimes waiting at traffic lights
  5. Relaxation of planning permission to add 10 metres to cellular 4G 5G mobile network antennae painted red and white where these will not be a hazard to aviation
  6. Review water rates so that businesses are not charged for the number of toilets on top of water and sewage charge
  7. No business rates every business owner and employee and visitor is already paying rates elsewhere Local and State Government is double dipping rate payers who are thus paying twice
  8. All Government workers to learn a customer service creed ( or fruits of the spirit) to be recited on demand in order to pay their wages and salary
  9. Customer service training course for every government worker to be tested and revalidated every year against Key Performance Indicators
  10. Why this obsession with nationality ( and racial purity)!? Not even Her Majesty the Queen is more British and English than I am - but I'm also Australian hence why I am standing for parliament!? as though being of convict stock was ever a desirable attribute to enter politics!? Nationality is a state of mind and even if you revoke your foreign power citizenship you can still reinstate it after Then as now Clause 44 was designed to keep certain people out of parliament because of their origins and rather like the American right to bear arms perhaps highlights the difficulties of having a written constitution And should not be used to oppress people who would wish to serve the public in this way I know lots of people who are similarly disenfranchised even from voting who have lived and worked and paid tax for many years who are unable to vote whilst others are fined for not doing so!? Take your pick Taxation without representation I call it and if they are precluded from representing law abiding tax payers as well - it is a severe deterrent and obstacle to true democracy Do these people ever get on with any work!? I suggest that until a Member reaches Cabinet level Clause 44 Should be relaxed
  11. E-tax $5 biggest note denomination Phase out $20 $50 and $100 dollar bills to discourage unregulated payments remember - Poor people don't have any money!? Most if not all people transact online using the banking system Smartphone money pay and receive Personally GGST E-Tax also will also apply to barter and bitcoin
  12. The GGST would Clear our national debt within 3 months abolishing stamp duty GST and income tax and Employment tax into the bargain
  13. The GGST would also avoid the tax cycle monthly / quarterly / 6 monthly/ Annual tax cycle fire sale that it causes each time in order for business owners to have to minimise inventory and stock holdings
  14. Do we really want the banks devaluing our currency by 3.5% every year caused by their printing or rather lending more money that doesn't actually exists ( and never will do!?) it is time to curb these practices and so avoid the perpetual boom and bust cycle it engenders
  15. Planning: Local authorities should be made to mandatorily zone as much commercial as residential property It follows that not everybody moving to Queensland is a self funded retiree - businesses still need somewhere to operate
  16. Amend constitution to severely limit or abolish Local and State government powers and rigourously monitor for exceeding their power ultra vires
  17. Make mandatory provision of accommodation otherwise occupied by the homeless as part of the population mix Making sure sufficient commercial / residential and homeless accommodation is thus available to them
  18. Abolish business rates ie No commercial rates ( each individual already paying privately elsewhere) Similarly water / sewage rates charged the same way as residential
  19. Free 6kw Residential dwelling and / 12kw solar power available to every business to be managed by the power companies
  20. Mobile cellular antennae 10 metres higher to existing Cellular Network Towers to compensate for the apology of a network called the NBN for which ISPs have delayed investment in telecoms infrastructure for so long . Now the NBN has been superceded by mobile cellphone G4 data speeds in excess of 60mbps and in preparation for the new G5 network
  21. Complete relaxation and deregulation of broadband delivery wireless and wired and delivery
  22. Television Transmitters: 15watt transmitter on top of bald knob for 0.5 million people around the sunshine coast ABC repeater station to cover free to air all residents in KAWANA is a farce particularly for digital TV blind spots to be resolved by repeaters and boosters
  23. Free solar 6kw every dwelling with power companies / local authorities to manage balancing and distribution
  24. Relaxation of Employment tax and laws
  25. GGST- Etax Queenslanders to be given choice of paying income tax with current GST to pay income tax or Etax Easily managed with Choice to Opt out of Income Tax and current GST That is if Registered to vote and in QLD choose between income tax and QLD GGST and E-tax ( with driving licence or other verifiable ID)
  26. Free solar for residents and business
  27. Electoral reform for Electronic voting for candidates and for constituency electors to take part more easily more often by voting through their designated TFN bank account with bank details
  28. Modernise MP voting in parliament ( which looks more like an episode from Hogwarts) so can spend less time travelling and more time in electorate working for constituency
  29. Or else put a coat hanger up above one of the sheds at Courbould Park so that Canberra comes to Caloundra ( and every other State in turn)
  30. Fight for removal of charges that simply have not been removed since the introduction of GST in Queensland in 2000
  31. Abolish the 10% GST and introduce 0.5% GGST ( tax on all transactions eg. eftpos credit card debit card financial transactions to be run in parallel and eventuually to replace all other Government charges
  32. GGST E-Tax to include Bitcoin ethereum and other crypto digital currency trading
  33. Enforce Magna Carta on User Pays Government Charges
  34. Mandatory lead time to elections to allow for due process ( no more snap elections)
  35. Introduce Gifts Goods and Services Tax 0.5% GGST In / Out Credit Debit all transactions
  36. Abolish Income Tax and current 10% GST
  37. Highest cash denomination note of $5
  38. Regenerate Economy manufacturing agriculture and mining
  39. Reduce burden of taxation completely on ABN Businesses
  40. Free 6 KiloWatts of Australian Manufactured Photovoltaic electrical power to every home for free supply to businesses with Power Companies Local authorities charged with managing power distribution locally
  41. The Australian Government is already subsidising 50% of existing installations this same money could supply Australian made PV Panels and inverters
  42. Electoral Reform to amend the constitution making it impossible to introduce any kind of legislation legislation without conducting market research MORI / GALAXY poll asking 1,000 people their views prior to introduction of legislation
  43. Legal reform that replaces the standard of proof of beyond all reasonable doubt and balance of probabilities in civil and criminal matters that weighs and adds only certain evidence with one that multiplies out all the evidence available using BAYES THEORUM to the people on the basis of conditional probability to become a model for all States and Territories and for export
  44. Restore apolitical appointment of Judges, to maintain independence of the Judiciary, which currently favours those who are politically correct, and replace them with Judges who are apolitically correct
  45. There is already federal funding for religious education this is not passed on by the State government and even our chaplains must raise money for themselves and all religious education is voluntarily paid for by money raised by churches in other words proper funding for the teaching of our cultural religious and spiritual heritage is being completely omitted from our state schools - what are we teaching our offspring!? Such that it is likely now that even our School teachers have not been brought up knowing the love of Christ. Two generations to be precise
  46. Introduction of an Over 18 Identity card that does not reveal the actual age of and applicant eg when applying for a job where age discrimination is not a condition to combat ageism
  47. Reduce bureaucracy and return incentive to engage in economic activity and reverse the trend that has driven all industry and ownership worth speaking of overseas
  48. Starting with the abolition of capital gains tax to be replaced by GGST
  49. Remove capacity of MPís to enter parliament who have never successfully and solvently run a business for seven years and having contributed to society other than as a professional politician
  50. Retain all existing social security and health care benefits and extend to free or subsidised dentistry and all other forms of treatment not just accident and emergency
  51. Seawater Desalination plant irrigation to reclaim the interior by reversing antiquated ( and rather insanitary) method of water catchment by the introduction of desalination plants now that they have come of age no matter where required
  52. Central plank of Tax reform is the GGST or E-Tax which automatically reduces burden of tax reporting applicable to every electronic transaction
  53. Tax Reform remove banding and the ridiculous notion that the harder you work the higher the tax band and percentage you should have to pay - it follows that the harder you work the more you earn the more tax you pay even on the same percentage and therefore should not be penalised on such an escalating scale of disincentive as is the case currently
  54. Limit maximum class sizes to 20 in primary education encourage detached learning in higher education maintain technical training for those who chose to enter the workplace. Make secondary education a real choice to those who have the ability and wish to remain in secondary education
  55. Maintain and expand all work for dole programs to 5 hours per week ( 1 Hour per day ) to a system whereby Australian Business Number Holders can employ a person to ease them back into the workforce so far as they are able
  56. Did you know there are 3,000 suicides or 8 people a day as a result of mental health issues - I think we need to address this a s a matter of priority
  57. Set up department of regeneration and fertility and fecundity to examine the causes and consequences of homosexuality, abortion and free contraception and its impact on society
  58. Set up a study of division of the family unit through divorce and separation and the impact on offspring and economic cost to society eg disconnection and remedy eg anger management. Remedy loss of parental / sibling/ avuncular guidance with informal adoption
  59. Systematically dismantle the welfare industry approach to solving societies ills and expectations
  60. Instigate less formal approach to adoption
  61. Identify and reverse neglect and care of the elderly and include into society particularly those living alone or who are incapacitated, by system of informal adoption
  62. Legal reform - application of Bayes theorum of conditional probability to all legal procedures - standards of proof and admissibility of evidence applicable to civil and criminal processes ( making the outcome comparable to a fine) thus quantifying balance of probabilities / beyond all reasonable doubt. Training of Judges and clerks training their assistants, the Depart of Public Prosecutions and extend to all pre-trial reviews, tribunals coronial hearings, commissions and enquiries to reduce that which otherwise allows 85% of crime to go undetected ( Computer program / expert system / Judge Training)
  63. Reduce mountain of paperwork required to employ someone as well as the mountain of paperwork required to report earnings employees might have to return eg income tax and GST in the case of employers and employment taxes superannuation etc
  64. Banking reform It will surprise most Australians to learn that banks aren't regulated or even licenced introduce licencing as pre-requisite to 0.5% credit and 0.5% debit GGST ( gifts goods and service tax to replace current 10% GST and Income Tax)
  65. Local Authority Rates are currently tied to so called unimproved value of property link to level of service to be offered by Local Authorities properly costed and democratically approved and made accountable to rate payers. Prevent increases of more than the rate of inflation to be considered in advance of a proposed increase and justified against measurable improvements and criterion with services available to all not just user pays. Abolition of Business Rates
  66. Local councils forced to reduce spending and rates by 5% for the next 4 years
  67. Amend the constitution to harmonise the role of State and Local Authorites and so remove the nightmare of having different legislation licencing approval registration etc for each state
  68. Reduce Welfare industry to manageable proportions
  69. Immigration maintain existing policies to discourage illegal immigration and unmanaged population growth
  70. Defence adopt and maintain all necessary means and alliances to deter an aggressor to our democratic and just society and to those of other countries
  71. Foreign Policy promote democracy and justice and intervene through diplomatic means negotiating through free trade and economic sanction and economic aid accountable to people of the recipient nation as well our own people
  72. It will surprise most Australians to learn that banks aren't regulated or even licenced particularly not in the Super annuation introduce licencing as pre-requisite to GGST

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