The Whig Party Policy on banking law; safer driveway footpath reversing; the formation of the Whig Party

the formation of the Whig Party

In my experience you must spend 20% of your time holding on to what you've got

Contracts agreements legal civil even criminal matters which all relate to legal precedent and statute legislation and a forum in which to do this such as civil and criminal courts and of course Parliament this should include political activity if not funding activity to achieve this hence the Whig Party

we may at any time be called upon to fight and die for freedom, freedom of speech and political expression and this should. where necessary, include the right to freedom and free speech

The Whig Party will also propose a theft of service act whereby cheats liars and thieves are punished just as severely as though they have stolen goods where the proper form to provide service has been followed

Change in banking law regarding bank cheques

Every business owner is faced almost on a daily basis with the requirement for a secure and effective means of funds transfer out of hours

Banking reform

We are all familiar with the so called bank cheque whereby the payer must draw down funds to the extent of the sum required whereupon the sum of money disappears from his or her account into cyberspace. Not only is the bank permitted to charge for this drawdown but it is also permitted to withold this sum of money from the customer or payer and any interest until the cheque is presented some days and or weeks later

As well as no doubt lend this money out to someone else in the meantime

This process allegedly takes from 3 - 5 working days during which time the bank is permitted to not only inconvenience the payer but also the payee while it charges both the payer and payee interest on other loans eg credit card

This quadruple dipping represents a bottleneck in the financial institutions that is deliberate and no longer an acceptable aspect of banking practice and forms one aspect of Whig Party policy to outlaw this practice

Incredibly it is still possible to stop a bank cheque during this 3 - 5 day wait even if you have paid the fee to send the cheque direct to the payers bank thus the agonising wait while the customer disappears with your goods is even charged for by the bank

There needs to be a term and condition of banking licence for this process to become immediate between banks and a system of irrevocably verifying funds transfer at the point of sale out of hours to be made subject to statutory law


Similarly the practice of changing the terms of banking business simply by writing to a customer eg that credit card merchant facilities are the subject of two year lock in contract with exit fees of $250 and the doubling of monthly fees, is similarly unacceptable behaviour

By advising customers without proper acceptance or agreement by them nor even reasonable notice with the opportunity to make alternative arrangements is simply unacceptable behaviour by the banks

Because of the special relation between banks and voters namely that the banks wealth is based on customer deposits the banks have failed to honour this relationship and have rather exploited this apparent facility without any concept of the difference between right and wrong regarding the fees charged to every voting customer and needs to be regulated by law

Child and road safety

Wind down windows before reversing

Because of the need to keep a lookout by sight and sound and all available means whilst driving especially when reversing on private land and property; the simple introduction of a law requiring that all vehicles must wind down the windows when reversing in a car to aid vision and hearing from all sides if electric windows are installed; and on the drivers side if this facility is not installed in existing cars

New cars should be fitted with electric windows should be made mandatory when reversing, on both sides of the car to promote safety when reversing a vehicle on public or private land and on all roadways

By the opening and lowering windows when reversing, this simple action will prevent numerous accidents injury and death on our driveways and footpaths around the country

Mike Jessop
The Whig Party
Thursday November 9 2017, 1:32 AM

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