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Punch Magazine Issue 105 9 July 2021 MIKE JESSOP Independent WHIG PARTY Candidate for CALOUNDRA QLD

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The Official Weekly humourous and satirical publication of MIKE JESSOP

Punch Magazine Issue 105 9 July 2021

105th ISSUE Continuing WHIG PARTY HACKS that transcend the spiritual Political and religious lifestyle with more practical support and guidance of a less ephemeral nature

Having our cell phone towers 10 metres higher ( aesthetically coloured red and white) would improve mobile reception dramatically By allowing an extra 10 metres in height to every cellphone antenna mast would effectively double the speed and range through altitude due to reduced atmospheric pressure and raise above obstruction to radio frequency transmission and reception

Simple cooking for anyone with a slow cooker Take one electric slow cooker $16-$25 (1.5 litre - 5.5 litre) depending on capacity

Switch it on to auto

Cover lid with bacofoil on the outside shiny side in to reflect heat back into the dish and cover with ordinary tea/hand towel to reduce external convection

Put the cut(s) of beef / pork / lamb / chicken into the dish discarding string netting ( and of course all other packaging and absorbent pads)

DO NOT add any water stock gravy or even water or any salt or spices - this is the important key to this dish - NOTHING zilch zero nada - NONE

If you ignore this suggestion please don't - You will be depriving yourself your friends and your family and you would be ignoring WHIG PARTY HACK#5

The meat will cook in its own juices you do not need to add anything at all to your dish REPEAT This dish requires no savoury spices or sauces of any kind whilst cooking

The famous salt pepper vinegar mustard condiments can be added later once served afterwards if you so choose

Leave on slow cooker automatic setting for 6-8 hours covered with a tea towel and bacofoil underneath on top of the cooker

Can use a timer but for safety always keep an eye on otherwise unattended cooking

Do not sample or eat beef pork lamb chicken before it is served because there will be none left for you or your guests!?

This is traditional English cooking at its finest

You will never go back to any other style of cooking


Whig party hacks #6 Don't talk to me about vaccinating against coronavirus covid19 Just Google vaccine clinic Caloundra or wherever you live And book yourself in


Pillows are a public health issue and a significant factor in the recurrence and transmission of pulmonary ( lung) diseases

PILLOWS As a public health issue You can surgically disinfect your pillow Every six months or simply purchase a couple of cheap pillows and write the date on the label when you start using them using a permanent marker felt tip ( from the date you unwrap and start using them) and dispose of them in the wheelie bin after six months- don't use them for loft insulation or anything else ( do not put back in the cupboard certainly please do not use for visitors and guests )

Humidity and heat in QLD flobber bacteria and even infection from the mouth and lungs through cough and splutter, accumulate in your pillow eg influenza bronchitis coronavirus COVID19 virus I have ANKO cotton rich cover pillow medium profile pillows 2pack Cotton / polyester cover with Polyester fill around $8.50 a pair
The only condition once you are sleeping on your brand new pillows eg from KMART / BIG W is that you have dreams about me ( and the WHIG Party once in office )

Sleep well!? - REUTERS

The Polar Reversal and Cataclysmic Flood 2046 AD continued

This video explains two new discoveries made about the duration of the output of the Nova. It answers why the Sun has changed color from yellow to white. Also covered are the variables involved in designing the cave door system.

The video will cover the following:
Difficulties in Designing the Door System and the Variables.
Answering Questions on the Door System.
Answering Questions on Location.
Answering Questions Involving Before, During and After the Reversal. Answering Questions on the Corporate Structure and Who to be Saved. Answering Questions on Survival in a Cave for an Extended Period of Time.
Philosophical Questions.
A viewer made a comment on the previous Part 6 video which is something I did not expect or think much about, but he is right.
It's a strange feeling, to know, in the future, people will be desperately referring to this body of work to save humanity. [by: Aaron Bost]
Please try to support our efforts so people have a path to survive this terrible event.

Best Wishes from the Diehold Foundation, Inc.
Douglas Vogt, Director.
[email protected]
Foundation Contributions through PayPal can be made to: [email protected]

The list of all the videos predicting this event are in the description section of each YouTube video. Enjoy!?

May God bless you
Yours sincerely

Together we will change the course of history - today

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